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Here is a collection of happy memories...


Gone With The Wind

One of the funniest events in my career took place during my Atlanta Fox Theatre Concert in May 2004.  Because of the location, I decided to include music from "Gone With The Wind".  My good friend, Jack Darr suggested that I wear the shown "ensemble" to make the presentation complete.  Well..."I saw it hanging in the window and couldn't resist!"  My apologies to Carol Burnett!


This picture was taken on the deck of the Holland America Ship "Westerdam".  I gave several workshops and concerts during this wonderful Alaskan Cruise.  My events were held in the same space that is used for cooking schools - so we had wonderful video equipment to enhance the experience!  Look below...



Adelaide, Australia

The Capri Theatre in Adelaide, Australia has a wonderful Wurlitzer organ.  I designed the stoplist and did the tonal finishing with Ed Zollman. Tonal finishing this organ was a major challenge, as it included ranks from several builders who had a different concept from Wurlitzer. After a complete re-winding of the instrument and many weeks of tonal finishing, this instrument has become a world class instrument and is one of the top theatre organs in Australia.


This was my first real publicity shot taken in 1980. What happened to me?